Fall Shoot At Bernheim Forest - Conner Richmond

I met Conner back in April and since then, we’ve grown to become really great friends. We both share a love for music unlike most other people I’ve met. We have such a wide variety of music that we both relate to and can appreciate the artistry that goes into it.

Any who, we decided to hit Bernheim Forest up earlier this week to do a little shoot, since we figured with all the trees changing and the fall colors were probably in full effect. We were bound to get some great imagery out there. We just rolled up, parked the cars and just walked around until we found some cool spots that had some really nice colors going on. I don’t think we could have asked for a better day to shoot. Weather was perfect, light was great and the scenery was on point! Had a blast man! Looking forward to our next shoot.

-Ryan L. Smith