To say the least 2013 was all around a crazy, busy, sad, and a fun year for myself. I am looking forward to 2014 and all of the amazing things that are awaiting opportunity for me. 
Since work has kept me busy pretty much all year. I finally started finding some time to do some photography for myself. I can't tell you the last time that I actually took a photo that I wanted to create. Sometimes you get lost or sucked in to whatever is happening around you. Even though work has kept me busy, I have learned a lot this year with our studio growing from 10 people last year to over 50+ this year. So many creative minds day in and day out that I get the opportunity to learn from as well as share some of my knowledge with. It's unlike anything I have ever experienced.
Over the next year I am going to be challenging myself to push my creative limits to really see what am I capable of. I feel that I reached the point in my photography where I kept asking myself "whats next, whats next". I felt that I couldn't learn anymore. I absolutely hate that feeling because there is always something to learn, its all in just how you look at it. I am so excited to really step outside of my normal boundaries whether its things pertaining to my personal life, new experiences that I come across or just things that I encounter at work.
So I will share with you a shot I created yesterday after shooting some watches all day long, I decided hey lets see what I can do with one of these. Below is the end result. 

Push yourself to do things out of the ordinary in 2014.