To say the least, 2013 was a crazy, busy, sad, and fun year for me. I'm looking forward to 2014 and all of the amazing opportunities it can bring.
Work has kept me busy pretty much all year, but I finally found some time to do some photography for myself. I couldn't tell you the last time I actually took a personal photo. I've been too sucked in by the things happening around me, and forgot to spend time on my own creative pursuits.

Although work has kept me busy, I've learned a lot this year. Last year our studio had only ten people; now it's grown to 50+. There are so many creative minds surrounding me, and I'm excited to have the opportunity to learn from them, as well as share some of my own knowledge. It's unlike anything I've ever experienced.

Over the next year, I plan to challenge myself. I want to push my creative limits and see what I'm capable of. I feel that I've reached the point in my photography where I keep asking myself, "what's next?" I felt that I couldn't learn any more. I absolutely hate that feeling; there's always something to learn. It's all perspective. 

I'm so excited to step outside of my normal boundaries, whether it's pertaining to my personal life, new experiences that I come across, or things that I encounter at work.

I'll share a shot with you that I created yesterday. After shooting watches all day long, I decided to think out of the box a little bit. Below is the end result. 

My goal for 2014: Push yourself to do things out of the ordinary.

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